Four charged in scheme to smuggle drugs into Pike County Detention Center

PIKEVILLE, Ky. –  Four people were charged Thursday for their roles in an elaborate scheme to deliver drugs and other illegal items to inmates inside the Pike County Detention Center.  Sheriff Rodney Scott and several deputies arrested three people, all from Floyd County, after surveillance cameras captured them on the night of September 22nd, tying several items including Suboxone, cigarettes and a syringe to a string dropped out of the jail by inmates inside.  Pike County Jailer Brian Morris told EKB News one of the inmates admitted using a tool he made inside the jail to drill a hole in the wall of the jail, then fed a string out to people waiting below.  Pike County deputies arrested 27 year old Jordan Conn, 23 year old Shayla Stevens and 25 year old Randa Hamilton, and charged them with first degree promoting contraband.  Hamilton and Stevens were each charged with three counts of endangering the welfare of a minor because three small children were also seen on the surveillance cameras the night they attempted to smuggle the drugs inside.  A fourth individual, 24 year old Scotty Gibson, who is currently incarcerated at the Detention Center, was also charged with promoting contraband and criminal mischief.  Jailer Morris added the attempt to get the drugs inside the jail was unsuccessful because the hole was not large enough to get the drugs and other items inside.

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