Man charged with assaulting, strangling woman

Christopher Todd Muncey
Christopher Todd Muncey

LOGAN, W.Va. — A Logan County man was arrested after an off-duty police officer witnessed him allegedly attacking a woman at Kroger on Sunday.

When the off-duty officer attempted to intervene, he said the man — identified as 45-year-old Christopher Todd Muncey — took an aggressive stance and began screaming profanities at him.

The officer called in on-duty deputies from the Logan County Sheriff’s Office, who stopped Muncey and found him carrying a bag of marijuana when he frisked him. Muncey was arrested and placed in a car while the officers continued to interview witnesses.

The victim told police that Muncey had “roughed her up” before she went in the store, then head-butted her when she came out, knocked her down, and began choking her. She also told police that Muncey abuses her on a weekly basis and she was in fear for her life.

Muncey was charged with strangulation, domestic battery, assault, possession of a controlled substance and disorderly conduct.