Martin County man charged with growing marijuana

Terrence Mills

TOMAHAWK, Ky. — An anonymous tip led officers to seize 25 marijuana plants on Wednesday.

Sheriff John Kirk, Deputy David Bush and Constable Tony Preece searched a residence on Hall’s Branch, where they also seized a handgun and a machete.

Arrested was Terrence Mills, 39. He is charged with cultivating more than five plants of marijuana.

Mills is being held in the Big Sandy Regional Detention Center.


  • Wow what a joke this country has turned into it’s not United States it’s divided states of America it’s ok in one state but a crime in another wow really it’s not ever killed no one

  • With everything else going on in the world the police go after the person growing medicine. Go after the real drug dealers that deal meth, heroin, and pills.

  • Y’all proud of what you did there? You wonder why folks hate cops, its because of shit like this. Fuck the office and the cop that made the arrest over a plant.

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