Mother charged with abuse after children found locked out in rain

Holly Abshire
Holly Abshire

PIKEVILLE, Ky. — A Pikeville woman has been charged with child abuse, after her two children were found locked out of their home in the rain Monday night.

State troopers were called to a home on Stone Coal Road, after a neighbor reported finding the 6- and 8-year-old boys outside, wet and shivering. One of the boys did not have a shirt or shoes.

The oldest child told police his mother was “sick from medicine,” and that’s why she treated him bad. He said she had slammed him to the ground twice and stepped on him, and police said they found marks on his back, neck and shoulder consistent with that description.

When officers went to the home, they could see the mother, 39-year-old Holly Abshire, through the window, but she appeared unconscious. After knocking and trying to wake her several times, they feared she could be overdosing and forced their way inside to give her NARCAN.

The police report says she woke up before they could administer the drug, and she immediately began cursing the officers and shoved one of them. She was subdued with pepper spray and placed under arrest.

Abshire is now charged with first-degree child abuse, fourth-degree assault, menacing and resisting arrest.