Police: Woman tried to hand purse full of drugs to 8-year-old

Cleveland Hammonds and Beth Ann Fitch
Cleveland Hammonds and Beth Ann Fitch

MONAVILLE, W.Va. — Two people were arrested after Logan County deputies responded to the scene of a drug overdose on Friday.

The deputies were talking to a woman at the scene — identified as 29-year-old Beth Ann Fitch — where 32-year-old Cleveland Hammonds was being treated for an alleged overdose.

While they were talking, Fitch reportedly tried to hand a purse to her 8-year-old daughter, despite multiple commands to stop and allow deputies to look inside. When she finally handed over the purse, she told the officers it contained items belonging to Hammonds.

Inside, deputies found 24 grams of meth and nearly 10 grams for heroin and fentanyl.

Both Hammonds and Fitch were arrested and charged with drug possession and possession with intent to deliver. Fitch was also charged with child neglect creating a risk of injury.