Rogers calls for SSA to end ‘uncertainty’ for former Conn clients

WASHINGTON, D.C. — U.S. Rep. Hal Rogers is calling on the Social Security Administration to end its attempts to disqualify nearly 4,000 clients of former disability attorney Eric C. Conn from receiving benefits.

In a letter to the agency’s acting commissioner, Kilolo Kijakazi, Rogers said the SSA has spent years and millions of dollars in trying to deny disability benefits to roughly 3,800 former clients.

“The SSA has spent millions of taxpayer dollars trying to deny roughly 3,800 disabled Americans their benefits,” Rogers wrote. “This is time and money that could be used to reduce the SSA’s backlog of cases and root out actual fraud that still permeates the system. I strongly support your efforts to end fraud in the Social Security system, but these individuals are the victims of fraud, not the perpetrators, and it’s time for their uncertainty and anxiety to end.”

Rogers is calling on Social Security to end its attempts to collect back payments from Conn clients and implement fair continuation hearings when necessary, rather than relying on “redetermination hearings.”

Conn is currently serving 27 years in prison for charges connected to his scheme to defraud Social Security by providing falsified medical evidence and bribing a judge, as well as for escaping house arrest and fleeing the country in an attempt to evade responsibility for his crimes.

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