Salyersville tourism audit referred to AG

SALYERSVILLE, Ky. — State Auditor Mike Harmon says he will refer the results of an audit of the city of Salyersville’s tourism spending to the attorney general’s office, HUD and the city’s ethics board for possible action, after making two adverse findings.

First, the audit found lax oversight of contract personnel, which allegedly allowed the mayor’s son to double-bill the city and the Magoffin Salyersville Housing Authority, where he works as executive director.

A review of time sheets showed the mayor’s son billing both places for 224 overlapping hours over an 11-month period.

The audit also found that tourism funds were being used for non-tourism purposes, such as payday advances and health insurance.

A review of 63 tourism expenditures found only about a quarter were related to tourism in any capacity, while nearly half were standard city bills.

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