Suspect tries to make home run, but police take him out

Nathan Cantrell

PIKEVILLE, Ky. — A Williamson man allegedly tried to round the bases to get away from police, but he ended up going to jail instead of home.

Nathan Cantrell, 31, was pulled over in Pikeville just before 4 a.m., Sunday. When the officer came to his car, Cantrell reportedly said he knew there were warrants for him and he began pleading with the officer not to take him to jail.

When the officer attempted to arrest him, he allegedly ran away, heading to the Pikeville High School baseball field, where he hid in a dugout. A few minutes later, police say he stepped out of the dugout and tried to run away again, but he was stopped with a taser.

When searching his car afterwards, police found what they described as a “large amount” of suspected meth, as well as keys to rooms at two hotels known to police as drug trafficking areas.

Cantrell is now charged with meth trafficking, fleeing police, assaulting an officer, and numerous other charges.