Firefighters rescue motorist from high water

Heavy rains were too much for this Lawrence County road. High water swallowed this vehicle that tried to cross. Officials warn drivers to never attempt to cross water-covered roads.

LAWRENCE COUNTY, Ky. — Sunday’s heavy rainfall has overpowered area creeks and drainage ditches, sending water over banks and across roads.

As always, officials are warning motorists not to attempt to drive across water-covered roads, as water can be deceptively deep and swift. Officials say only six inches of fast-moving water can knock down a standing adult, 12 inches of water can sweep away a small car, and as few as 18 inches can wash away an SUV.

Fallsburg Volunteer Fire Department encountered a driver who didn’t follow that advice. According to a post on the department’s Facebook page, firefighters with Fallsburg and Webbville had to rescue the motorist. Louisa Fire Department and Lawrence County Emergency Management were also at the scene.

The driver was taken to the hospital afterward for observation.