Health officials reporting 8 new COVID-19 cases in Pike County

PIKE COUNTY, Ky. (MTN) — On Wednesday, July 29, the Pike County Health Department announced 8 new COVID-19 cases in Pike County, Kentucky.

According to their release, health officials are saying that the patients include:

  • Minor aged male, symptomatic
  • 28 year-old male, asymptomatic
  • 41 year-old male, asymptomatic
  • 79 year-old male, symptomatic and hospitalized
  • Minor aged male, asymptomatic
  • 28 year-old male, symptomatic
  • 24 year-old female, symptomatic
  • 54 year-old male, symptomatic

The announcement of these new COVID-19 cases brings the total to 219 in the county. Of the 219 total cases, 54 are active, 3 are deceased and 162 have recovered. Of those that are still active, 2 are hospitalized, 8 are in a long-term care setting and all others are recovering from home.

No other patient information has been released.