Counties ask property owners to report flood damage

Counties are now beginning to assess the damage of this week’s flooding, and they are asking those with damages to let them know about them.

States and counties report the damage to aid in applying for federal disaster aid. The more damage that can be reported, the more likely it is that the federal government will approve assistance to homeowners, rather than just to governments for the repair of roads and other structures.

Property owners are asked to document the extent of damage before beginning cleanup and repair. Pictures, videos and receipts are all helpful in the reports.

Once a report is made, someone will be sent to the property to inspect the damage.

Listed below are the numbers we have received that property owners can call to report damages. We will continue to update this list as more numbers are established. Residents can also contact their county government.

  • Floyd County — (606) 886-9193
  • Johnson County— (606) 789-2260 or (606) 789-4221
  • Logan County, W.Va. — (304) 792-2116
  • Magoffin County — (606) 349-2313
  • Martin County — (606) 298-2088
  • Mingo County, W.Va. — (304) 235-0895
  • Pike County — (606) 432-0210