Head falls off of historic Mother Goose Inn

HAZARD, Ky. — One of Eastern Kentucky’s most unique structures sustained severe damage on Wednesday.

The Mother Goose Inn, which has gained national attention over the years for its unique design, lost a vital part of its identity when the head of the building fell off.

According to the inn’s website, the building was completed in 1940, after builder George Stacy was inspired by a goose dinner.

Recently, owners of the building began a fundraiser to save the structure, saying the head had come loose from the foundation. The owners were seeking to raise $10,000 to reconstruct the head and neck, but had only raised a little over a quarter of their goal.

In a tweet, the City of Hazard that the building “will be back,” but said it will require community support.

The Mother Goose Inn before Wednesday's incident.
The Mother Goose Inn before Wednesday’s incident.