Logan County deputies seize pounds of marijuana

Deputies seized more than two-and-a-half lbs. of marijuana.

MAN, W.Va. — A Logan County man is in jail, after police reported finding more than two-and-a-half pounds of marijuana in his apartment.

Theodore Pack
Theodore Pack

Deputies investigating a suspicious person complaint were led to an apartment, where they found 67-year-old Theodore Pack.

Pack allowed them to search his apartment, where they found two large bags of marijuana, as well as several individual bags, about a dozen pills and a handgun.

Pack reportedly told officers he was selling the drugs to make a living.

He is charged with possession with intent to deliver.

  • In my opinion I feel like marijuana should have already been legalized for real it already is in a lot of states and fact is that it is helping relax ppl. For there pain and it has never killed anyone. So I feel like if that’s all he had then he shouldn’t have to punish. It’s the meth and heroin that’s killing ppl. If dr. Could not have to worry about loosing there license and not have to worry about going to jail u wouldn’t see so many ppl.dieing or it destroying there brain and leaving bad affects the rest of there life. I feel like they need to get the ppl off the street that’s selling or making meth and selling heroin there’s the real problem not marijuana. That is so wrong he shouldn’t even be locked up for selling weed in my opinion it should have already been legal.

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