Pike County sees largest spike in cases, 15 new COVID-19 cases announced

PIKE COUNTY, Ky. (MTN) — The Pike County Health Department reported 15 new COVID-19 cases in the county on Friday, July 24, the highest number that has been reported in one day since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

According to a Facebook post from the health department, officials are reporting that the patients include:

  • minor aged female, asymptomatic
  • 21 year old male, symptomatic
  • 42 year old male, asymptomatic
  • 47 year old male, symptomatic
  • minor aged female, asymptomatic
  • 21 year old male, symptomatic
  • 23 year old male, symptomatic
  • 20 year old male, asymptomatic
  • 38 year old male, asymptomatic
  • minor aged male, asymptomatic
  • 53 year old male, asymptomatic
  • 43 year old male, symptomatic
  • 24 year old male, symptomatic
  • 82 year old female, symptomatic
  • 38 year old female, symptomatic

The post continues to say that all new cases are recovering from home.

This brings the total number of cases to 185, 49 are active, 3 are deceased, and 133 have recovered. Of the 49 active cases, 3 are hospitalized and 46 are recovering from home.

No other patient information has been released.

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