Texted tip leads Floyd deputies to drug arrest

James Matthew Woods
James Matthew Woods

ALLEN, Ky. — The Floyd County Sheriff’s Office began a new “text-a-tip” service earlier this year. Monday night, one of those tips led deputies to arrest a suspect wanted on six warrants — and also charge him with new counts of drug trafficking.

Deputies went to an address in Allen after being tipped to the location of 28-year-old James Matthew Woods. There, they found Woods sitting in a car. When they asked him to step out, he allegedly shoved a deputy and ran away toward the river, but was stopped with a taser.

After placing him under arrest, a search of the car turned up three plastic bags containing 12 grams of a mixture of heroin and fentanyl, as well as a bag of meth.

In addition to the warrants, Woods was charged with heroin trafficking, fentanyl trafficking, fleeing police and assaulting an officer.

To text a tip to the Floyd County Sheriff’s Office, Appalachian Wireless customers can simply send a text message to 8477. Other wireless customers can send a message to 606-477-8477.