Couple arrested for child abuse after police describe filthy living conditions

Becky Tackett and Timothy Hoyd Becky Tackett and Timothy Hoyd
Becky Tackett and Timothy Hoyd
Becky Tackett and Timothy Hoyd

PIKEVILLE, Ky. — A Pikeville man and woman were arrested on child abuse charges, when police investigating an unrelated complaint noticed the condition of their home.

Police had been called a home at 190 Smith Hill after a man who had been renting a room from Becky Tackett, 26, and Timothy Hoyd, 44, claimed he had been kicked out after paying rent.

When officers came to investigate, Tackett told them the man had illegal drugs in the house and took officers inside to show them. But it wasn’t the drugs that caught the officers’ attention.

They described in a police report a home filled with trash and only a walking path through it. The bathroom floor was falling in and officers said the inside of the bathtub was black, with what appeared to be mold.

An officer reported that saying the home had “an infestation of roaches would be an understatement” and said there were roaches smashed on the wall.

While police were inspecting the residence, a detective fell on rotten decking and had to receive medical treatment.

The police report says Tackett tried to blame the renter for the mess, but noted that the room he was renting was the only one that was clean.

Pikeville Fire Chief Patrick Bentley was called to the scene and he ordered the home condemned.

A 2-year-old child living in the home was placed with Child Protective Services, while Tackett and Hoyd were arrested for first-degree child abuse.