Early voting boosting turnout

Voter turnout percentage, based on early votes received by Oct. 31.

FRANKFORT, Ky. — Kentucky could be on track for its highest turnout in a presidential election in recent years, thanks to a surge in early voting.

According to the latest numbers, as of Sunday, Kentucky’s voter turnout had already reached 43 percent statewide — with one more day of early voting and election day still to add to that total.

But the numbers are significantly different in Eastern Kentucky. Voter turnout is at 29 percent so far, across the Mountain Top News coverage area, with numbers ranging from a low of 21 percent in Pike County, to a high of 39 percent in Johnson County.

Statewide numbers are boosted somewhat by the state’s metropolitan counties. Turnout is at 48 percent so far in Jefferson County, and 51 percent in Fayette County.

But even after removing those two counties from Kentucky’s totals, turnout is still at 40 percent statewide, more than 10 percent higher than in Eastern Kentucky.

Kentucky voter turnout in presidential elections has averaged around 60 percent since 1996. The highest voter turnout in the past 40 years has been 73 percent in 1992.