Police seize drugs, guns from Pike home

Walker Rose

PIKEVILLE, Ky. — A Pike County man in is jail on multiple drug charges, after the Floyd County Sheriff’s Office, Pikeville Police and Kentucky State Police raided his home.

Officers went to the home of Walker Rose, on Old Wagner Station Road, on Tuesday.

Following a search, they say they found 1.3 lbs. of a substance believed to be meth, as well as what they described as a large quantity of pills, including Xanax, hydrocodone and Valium. Also found were small bags believed to contain heroin and marijuana, three handguns, an AR-15, and a hunting rifle.

Rose was arrested and charged with five counts of drug trafficking and other charges.

  • They need to lock all these ppl that r selling meth get them off the streets this stuff is killing ppl left and right and if not killing them it’s running them crazy. I believe in my opinion if they police would let these dr. Write medicine to ppl that would slow the meth epidemic down a lot there is a lot of ppl that r on addiction that have real pain problems whether back related or whatever and if these dr. In Kentucky could write ppl without worrying loosing there license or going to jail it would slow the meth epidemic down and not be so many deaths or hurting others mind. It’s damaging their brain all them chemicals and who knows bad stuff mixed in it that’s what is killing ppl now. Is the meth and it’s sad bc dr. Cannot hardly write medication in the state of Kentucky that’s what’s hurting Kentucky ppl. U want the truth there’s my opinion and it is a fact.

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